Can a customer information and billing system be flexible, top quality and cost effective?

Local energy, water and district heating operators need it
the best possible partnerships to remain competitive and
to be able to maintain their independence.

- All Meter-to-Cash industries are under particularly strong business pressure. At the same time, old traditional systems are often rigid and expensive,
says Mika Vuori, CEO of S2B Energia Oy.

A critical issue for electrical systems has been the ability to operate the Fingrid Datahub
with a central database to be launched in February 2022. Similar factors in the water sector are the entry into force of the Remote Meters Directive in 2023 and the rapid proliferation of remotely readable meters. On the district heating side, the increase in service operations and sector integration, among other things, are also putting pressure on systems.

- Energy operations are changing and standardizing a big step with the Datahub
introducing. Similarly, many actors in the water sector have already started to innovate at a rapid pace
indicators and look at the potential of LoRa networks, for example. this is
clear point of change, so many actors are now exploring different system options.
Automation, analytics and robotics are underutilized opportunities. The change is
always an opportunity where the most agile succeed best, Vuori continues.

As a counterbalance to digital, personal service is further uplifting
its significance. Service platforms must be as efficient as possible and, for example
robotically supported so that customers can be guaranteed a quality customer experience.

A dream of a flexible business platform complemented by smart value-added services

S2B Energia Oy has extensive experience of approximately 300 customer contacts in the energy, water and district heating industries, a strong understanding of the competitive field, the know-how and system challenges posed by the changing operating environment, and the cost pressures caused by them.
- We are a value-added partner in the customer relationship process. We offer scalable
customer information and billing systems as well as intelligent services such as robotics,
analytics and reporting systems, business support. Our solution
based on the state-of-the-art global technical platform we bring
we tailor the industry-specific value-added layer and complement it
the package includes robotics, Vuori says