S2B to handle customer service as an outsourcing partner

8 reasons why?

# 1 S2B handles its customers' operational and administrative challenges in organizing customer service for both existing and new products and services - for the customer frees up resources for core activities.

# 2 Effective customer service is its own business area that requires continuous development. S2B-cooperation frees customers to focus fully on their own core business

#3 The importance of the customer experience as a customer selection criterion is strengthening. S2B enables the provision of a competent, value-for-money personal service alongside digital services.

# 4 S2B's energy and water industry industry and system expertise enables resource support related to the implementation, development and utilization of systems in addition to customer service.

# 5 S2B's 260 years of industry expertise ensures an excellent customer experience for electricity and water customers

# 6 We promise that customer service value for money improves by at least 10%. Costs are reduced at least -10% (same content & volume).

# 7 S2B is a flexible partner that lives and develops according to the needs of its customers. As the world around us changes, S2B supports it as additional resources in development projects and by constantly developing its own expertise.

# 8 S2B has ready tested template for practical organization of outsourcing, where the client company can manage the activities with its clients and stick to the customer data, but outsourcing does not burden its own organization unnecessarily.

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