Outsourced sales and customer service

Maintenance of customer data, network and sales agreements, opening of subscriptions, energy advice, customer complaints, etc. Fast and high-quality handling of special cases with 260 years of industry experience.

Outsourced billing service

Invoice generation, invoice checks and corrections, transaction processing, settlements, collateral processing, collection settlements. Billing services for all industries and all systems.

Outsourced messaging management

Message traffic management, message checking, clarification and correction, site inquiries. Messaging support during the testing and deployment phase of the Datahub project.

Outsourced systems administrator services

Our knowledgeable, technically oriented experts help customers with systems development projects, improving data quality, defining changes, project resources and testing. System vendors have their own service models for more demanding technical support.

Back office

Background work required by customer service, etc.

Animal Welfare Specialist services

Customer analytics (segmentation, etc.), customer research, forecasting and other knowledge management development projects.

Streamlining processes using the world's best tools and software robotics, for example.

Customer and operational profitability calculation projects

Projects and support for the implementation of time management systems.